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Rules for Annie Walker Memorial Trophy (League)


  1. Individual triples, players of whom must come from the same club.Each club can enter a maximum of four triples – where possible teams from the same club will be entered into different sections.
  2. No player can alternate between teams.  First team played for is the team you commit to for the rest of the season.
  3. Each game will consist of 15 ends with two trial ends if necessary.Each player will play three bowls.  Three players must play at all times.
  4. Two points will be awarded to each winning triple with one point being awarded for a draw.
  5. Dress for all games will be grey/black trousers or skirts with white/club tops.  Grey or white shoes.All section games are due to commence at 6.30pm with 30 minutes being allowed for a late start.
  6. In the event of postponed games due to green conditions or unforeseen circumstances, the game is to be played by the end of the section games.  Should it be the last match of the section the game must be played by the following Monday.   If no agreement can be reached between the clubs, the Committee will decide when the game will be played.
  7. Results should be sent via text (07764-857810) or email (westfifebowling@aol.com) by midday on the Thursday following the league game. You can also go onto the front page of the web site (www.westfifebowling@org.uk) and send a message that way. Results will be updated on the West Fife Bowls website within 48 hrs. Scorecards must be signed and held by each club until the end of the season, in case of any queries.  Full names must be written on the scorecards.
  8. Any queries or disputes should be emailed to the secretary (details below).
  9. After all section games have been completed the winning club in each section shall be the one with the most points.

If points are tied, then the winner shall be the club with the better shots difference. 

If there is still a tie, then the winner shall be the club with the best record of games between the clubs – firstly number of points then shot difference.

If there remains a tie, the club with the most shots (for) from all their league games will be section winners.

       10.Quarter finals and Semi-finals will be played on a neutral green            on a date set by the Committee.

       11.The final will be played on a date set by the Committee.


Lynn Lees


Email address: lynnlees12@hotmail.com                                                                       Updated: March 2017


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