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Junior Pairs

17 Ends

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Thursday 10th August @ 6.30pm
Game 1 Abbeyview B      v      Charlestown B Dalgety Bay
Game 2 Dalgety Bay B 7 v 19 Townhill B Abbeyview
Thursday 17th August @ 6.30pm
Game 3 Abbeyview B   v   Townhill B Lumphinnans
Game 4 Charlestown A 0 v w/o Townhill C Lumphinnans
Game 5 Dalgety Bay A 16 v 12 Abbeyview C Charlestown
Game 6 Townhill A 9 v 31 Abbeyview A Charlestown
Thursday 24th August @ 6.00pm
Game 7 Abbeyview B 18 v 22 Townhill C Abbeyview
Game 8 Dalgety Bay A 13 v 21 Abbeyview A Abbeyview
Sunday 3rd September @ 2.30pm
Game 9 Townhill C 11 v 29 Abbeyview A Dalgety Bay


1. Dress code - Black/Grey Trousers with white top or club top

2. 30 Minutes for late arrival

3. If a tie has to be re-arranged this must be by mutual agreement, & played prior to the next

round on the nominated green. Players should make the necessary arrangements, if no 

agreement can be reached players should contact the Ladies secretary immediately

4. players must be under 18 years of age on the day of the final

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