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Ladies Top 5


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  1. Each team will consist of one pair and one triple from the same club.
  2. Pairs play 17 ends and Triples play 15 ends - two trial ends if mutually agreed.
  3. The game will be played on a neutral green.
  4. Two points will be awarded for a win and one point awarded for a draw (applies to both pairs & triple – so a maximum of 4 points is available).  If points are equal the result will revert to shots.  If shots are equal, both the pairs and the triple will play an extra end to decide the winner.
  5. Dress for all games will be grey/black trousers or skirts with white/club tops.  Grey or white shoes.
  6. All section games are due to commence at 6.30pm with 30 minutes being allowed for a late start.
  7. The final will be hosted by the previous year’s winner and will start  at 6pm.
  8. In the event of postponed games due to green conditions, the clubs will need to rearrange for the game to be played before the next round.  If no agreement can be reached between the clubs, the Committee will decide when the game will be played.
  9. Results should be sent via text or email (details below) immediately after the game, but no later than 24 hrs after the game.
  10. Scorecards must be signed and held by each club until the end of the competition, in case of any queries.
  11. Any queries or disputes should be emailed to the secretary (details below)..
  12. The final will be played on a date / time set by the Committee.
  13. Phone Number: 07948 365884

    Email address: Lynnlees12@hotmail.com


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