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1. Title The Association shall be called the West Fife Bowling Association.


2. Object To promote and foster the flat green game of bowls among the Bowling Clubs

affiliated to the ASSOCIATION according to the Laws of the Game as defined by the



3. Membership of the ASSOCIATION shall consist of those clubs already in membership at

AGM January 1978 together with such clubs as are subsequently elected to membership at


4. Administration

a) The affairs of the ASSOCIATION shall be conducted by a Council,

which shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Honorary Secretary/Secretaries, Honorary

Treasurer, Team Manager and nine members, all of whom shall be elected at the AGM. The

Immediate Past President shall automatically remain a member of Council for the year

following his year as President.

b) The President, failing whom the Vice-President shall preside at all

meetings, in their absence, the Members present shall elect a Chairman

c) The Chairman shall have a casting vote in addition to a deliberative


d) Seven members shall form a quorum at all meetings of the Council.

e) The Council shall have the power to co-opt a member to fill any

vacancy, or to appoint such Sub-Committee as deemed necessary.

f) No West Fife Councilor shall be permitted to take up office with another

Cities and Counties Association.


5. Meetings

a) The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING shall be held on the first Tuesday in

December, or on a date as Specified by the Council provided the necessary 14 day notice is


b) The Secretary’s Report and a Statement of the Finances of the

ASSOCIATION, duly audited, shall be presented at the AGM.

c) The Secretary shall give 14 days notice to all Clubs in the ASSOCIATION, of

the date and venue for the AGM, and shall provide an agenda of the business to be

conducted. Any proposals, which it is intended, should be in the Agenda, must be in the

hands of the Secretary by 15th September preceding the date of the AGM and should be

signed by the President or the Secretary of the proposing club.

d) A Special General Meeting shall be convened:

1) At any time by the President of the Association

2) Within 14 days of receipt, by the Secretary, of a written request signed by at

least one third of clubs in the ASSOCIATION. THE REASON FOR THE MEETING MUST

BE GIVEN. No other business shall be conducted at the meeting.

6. Representation

At the AGM or SGM, each club in the ASSOCIATION shall be represented by

TWO representatives on the floor, each of whom shall have the power to vote.


7. Finances Each CLUB shall pay before the 14th of February, annually, an affiliation fee,

the amount of which will be decided at the AGM. The AGM shall also determine the amount

of the ENTRY FEE for the Competitions promoted by the ASSOCIATION. The accounts of

the ASSOCIATION shall be made up to the 7th October in each year and shall be audited by

AUDITORS, who shall be elected at the AGM.


8. General

a) Clubs not appearing for a League Match must give 48 hours notice to the Club

concerned, and inform the Association Secretary or other Member of the Council (with a

letter to the association secretary) The points shall be forfeited and the loss of 24 shots.

Failure to comply with this may result in the club being suspended from the League the

following season and fined.

b) Club Secretaries are responsible for sending SCORE CARDS to the

Association Secretary immediately after the competition.

c) Alterations and additions to the Foregoing Constitution shall only be made at an

AGM or SGM convened for the purpose. A two-thirds Majority of those present shall be

required to effect any change.

d) Any matter not covered by this Constitution, or any question as to the

interpretation shall be decided by the Council.

e) Any player picked for Hamilton Trophy representation and not turning up

without good reason is banned for 3 games.

f) West Fife Councilors should make a reasonable attempt to attend the majority

of Hamilton Trophy games and Council meetings. Failure to do so may result in expulsion

from the council.

g) Clubs are requested to sell a minimum of 30 raffle books on behalf of the West

Fife or have that amount penalised onto their annual fees.

9. Competitions

a) The Council or Sub-Committee duly appointed, shall be responsible for the

organisation of the following competitions:-

NOTE: All entry forms are to be returned to the Association Secretary by the 31st January

b) The County Championships

¨ The HUSBAND TROPHY (Single-hand) 21 shots




¨ UNDER 25 SINGLE-HAND tournament 21 shots.

¨ A SYME MEMORIAL TROPHY (Senior Fours) 15 ends to be played Friday afternoons

at 2.00pm with exception of Final.

c) West Fife clubs participating in District 6 of the SBA will play WFBA

competitions on the Tuesday prior to the scheduled Friday and will be responsible for

making the necessary arrangements.

d) The LEAGUE competition (3 Full Rinks) games to start at 6.30pm on

Wednesdays.17 ends with 1 trial end FINAL to be played on the last Saturday in August

Should a team not have a full compliment of players then 1 rink shall concede 2pts + 8 shots

to their opponents and the other 2 rinks shall compete unchanged for the remaining points (

See Note 1)

d.1) league to be divided into 3 divisions of 7/8 teams and play each other home and

away.The original League Trophy going to the winner of Division 1 with Trophies to both

winners of Division 2 and 3.

LEAGUE CUP competition (3 Full Rinks) shall be competed for by the top 4 teams from

Division 1 + the top 2 teams of both Division 2 and 3 in an open draw for quarter and

semifinals with the final being played at a predetermined green on the last Saturday in

August or a date as predetermined by the Council.

e) The WILLIAM BABB MEMORIAL TROPHY, a full rink competition – 15 ends:

for Men over 55 years, to be played Tuesday afternoons at 2.00pm. Clubs may enter up to 4

rinks; players for one rink are not eligible to play for the other rink. Clubs failing to appear

shall forfeit the points and lose 8 shots (See note 1)

f) Clubs not returning results to the Secretary shall receive a written warning; any

further discrepancies could lead to a fine as decided by the council.

g) The CARNEGIE TROPHY (3 Rinks) 21 ends. To be played annually on the

fourth Saturday in June, OR ON A DIFFERENT DATE AS SET BY THE COUNCIL games to

start at 2.30pm. In the event of bad weather, minimum number of ends is 11, with all scores

being taken at 11 ends..Failure to fulfill commitment, Club should compensate Host Club for

catering for 8 up to a maximum of £32.00 provided they have not given at least 1 weeks prior

notice of their non-appearance.

h) The CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS competition. Clubs to inform the Association

secretary by the 31ST JANUARY of their intention to enter their CLUB CHAMPION including

the name of your club's participant. Substitution of the runner up will be allowed if the club

champion is unavailable to play from the first round.. Final to be played the last Saturday in

August or on a date predetermined by the Council

i) The TOP TEN Competition. The team to consist of a Single-hand, a Pair, a

Triple and a Rink. The team drawn first will be deemed to be the home team, all games

played on the Green as drawn at the outset of the competition with rinks, having been

chosen by the home club be drawn on the day of the game with both teams being present . If each team wins two games

within the tie, the total shots to be taken to decide the winner, if the shots are equal, the

winner of the Single-hand takes the tie. Overall winner shall represent West Fife in the

Scottish Top Ten the following season.

j) Any player taking ill during the Top Ten Tournament can be substituted if a

player was available, but if no player was available and the player was in the team who were

winning then that team would get 2pts and 8 shots. If the player taken ill was in the team

who were losing or drawing then the other team would receive the 2 pts and the score if

more than 8 up, or 8 shots if the score was less.

j.1) Should there be no substitute available due to a player falling ill then that particular

team shall forfeit the points for that game.

j.2 The TOP FIVE Competition. The team shall consist of five Singlehand players.The

team drawn first will be deemed to be the home team, All games played on the Green as

drawn at the outset of the competition with rinks, having been chosen by the home club be

drawn on the day of the game with both teams being present. Overall winner shall represent West Fife in the Scottish Top

Five competition the following season. Only full compliment of players can compete, should

a player/ or players fall ill or are unable to complete their game that particular game shall be

forfeited to their opponents.

k) SENIOR TOP NINE tournament be run for over 55’s Teams shall consist of

pairs and fours playing 15 ends and a triple playing 13 ends.

l) Such other competitions or Friendly games as may appear desirable.

m) A Selection Sub-Committee shall be formed from members of WEST FIFE BA

Council, and no member of the Selection Sub-committee will be eligible to play in the SBA

County Championship competition.

n) No club shall be allowed to participate in any of the competitions organised by

the WFBA until such fees have been paid.

o) All competitions shall be played in accordance with the rules of the SBA except

where stated, with substitution for County Championships following the SBA rule 6c i.e.

“second stage” pre 2018 change 

p) All players shall be dressed in greys and whites for all external competitions, or

Official club colours which have been registered with the Association. Players not adhering

to this will not be permitted to participate

q) A THREE YEAR SUSPENSION from WFBA Competitions for player(s) who fail

to turn up for semi-final or Final games of WFBA competitions, because they had entered

other competitions and had elected to play in those.

r) Any FINALIST failing to appear for the Final, for any reason other than ill health

or Bereavement will forfeit the right to any prizes that may have been awarded.

s) All trophies are to be returned to the ASSOCIATION SECRETARY not less

than TWO WEEKS before the final is to be played.

q) All players shall be dressed in Grey and Whites for all external competitions

from round one. Players not adhering to this will not be permitted to participate.

r) Should there be dual qualification for League Finals day, and with the addition

of the Under 21 singles and Senior Singles, games shall be played at 12.30pm then 2.30pm

as required.

s) No player can represent 2 clubs in West Fife competition in any one season. Also a

player who has played for any other club in another Association in "QUALIFICATION" or

"SECOND STAGE" of any "NATIONAL COMPETITION" cannot represent a West Fife club

in that season, or Vice Versa. Including Top Five and Top Ten Competitions. The first club

played for will be the club of choice for the season. Penalty will be disqualification if a

knockout competition or loss of points if a league competition.

Note 1 – If a game is postponed because of bad weather, the game is to be played by the

end of the following week, or should it be the last match of the season by the Friday of the

same week. In the event of the date of a re-arranged game not being acceptable to both

teams the WFBA COUNCIL to set a date. (See also Para 8 General sub para (a) reference

informing the Association Secretary or other member of Council (with a letter to the

Association secretary)




Up to and including AGM Dec 2015

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