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  1.          1. The section shall be entitled the “West Fife Ladies Bowling Association”.The objectives of the section shall be to promote and develop ladies bowls within West Fife.
  2. The section shall consist of all Bowling Clubs within West Fife.
  3. An Annual General Meeting shall be held on the third Thursday in February.  Ten days notice of such meeting shall be given and 15 members shall be a quorum.
  4. At any General Meeting of the section each club shall be entitled to have two representatives, whose names and clubs shall be written on a card, to be supplied by the Secretary of the section, and completed on entry to the meeting.  No representative shall act for more than one club.
  5. Any club may send a requisition to the Secretary to call a Special General Meeting of the section.  Such requisition shall state the nature of the business to be brought forward and upon its receipt, the Secretary shall lay the same before the members of Committee, who shall if they deem the matter of sufficient importance instruct the Secretary to call a special General Meeting.  The notice of the meeting shall state the business for which it has been called, and no other business shall be transacted at such special Meeting.
  6. At each third Annual General Meeting the section shall elect a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and 4 member of Committee.  Members of Committee shall be members of constituent clubs.
  7. All members of Committee shall commence their terms of office on election at the Annual General Meeting.  Any or all of them may be re-elected at each third Annual General Meeting.
  8. Each club through its Secretary shall be entitled to nominate a representative for Committee.
  9. If more candidates are entered than the number of places on Committee a vote shall be cast at the Annual General Meeting to determine the successful candidates.
  10. Clubs shall have no more than two representatives on the Committee at any one time.
  11. In the event of death or resignation of any member of the Committee during the term of office, the Committee shall have the power to make interim appointments.
  12. The Chairperson shall have a deliberative and, in cases of equality, a casting vote at all meetings of the section.
  13. The Committee of the section shall meet no later than six weeks after the Annual General Meeting and at periodic intervals during the term of office as business dictates.
  14. The Committee of the section shall have powers to make rules regarding competitions and judicator on disputes.
  15. All funds gathered for entering and organising of competition and all donations shall be lodged in a bank account under the name of the section and any withdrawals made by 2 out of 3 official signatures.
  16. No alteration to the Constitution of the section shall be made except at the Annual General Meeting.  Notices of motion for any alteration must be sent to the Secretary of the section to reach no later than December 31st.  The notice of motion should be set out in the Agenda for the Annual General Meeting.


Updated 31/03/18

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